Product innovation




Provide innovative world class steel products
and customer solutions



  • We develop new steel grades intended for use in various industrial sectors
  • We provide new types of coatings with improved performance characteristics

  • We develop selected finished products

  • We optimize production processes in order to achieve higher quality of the product


On our quest to provide great products for our customers, we were able to develop a new product - Thin Organic Coating. Hot dip galvanized substrate with a layer of polymer coating applied on both sides makes the ultimate solution for interior and exterior applications.

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  • Cooperate closely with customers
  • Develop customer tailored products
  • Provide innovative solutions for improving performance characteristics and appearance of finished products
  • Offer expert assistance and advice in sheet processing

customer request

One of our customers asked Research for assistance in improving corrosion resistance of wine grape pillars, a huge amount of which is consumed for planting young plants. The request was clear: "We want a material which could resist corrosion for several seasons, i.e. with better corrosion resistance compared to the corrosion resistance of standard HDG sheets from which those pillars are currently manufactured." According to this request a new type of hot-dip galvanized sheet with Mg and Al-alloyed Zn coating was developed and put into production under the trade name ZINKOMAG®. Our customer pressed pillars from the delivered material and their excellent corrosion resistance in real conditions validated the results of laboratory tests. Currently the customer buys exclusively Zinkomag for manufacturing wine grape pillars.

ZINKOMAG® is increasingly used in other industrial sectors where improved corrosion resistance is required, e.g. in the construction industry.




We are proactive in protection of the environment and we are meeting the EU objectives in the REACH area.

We are looking for innovative steelmaking processes consistent with the Company environmental policy

We are developing and implementing modern technologies in order to minimize the impact on the environment, save energy and natural resources




Proactive approach to protection of the environment
Implementation of additives in sinter production in order to reduce energy demand of production and CO2 emissions

Implementation of environmentally sustainable production methods
Elimination of Cr6+ from production processes.

Extension of the manufactured product service life
Development of new refractory products with increased resistance to erosion, mechanical damage and low environmental load.

Recycling of dust, sludge, slag, scale, and oil
Environmental load reduction through effective processing of secondary raw materials from primary production through their reintegration in the production cycle.
Development of other waste briquetting technology and its re-use in the ironmaking and steelmaking process.

Coke-oven gas, blast-furnace gas, and BOF gas energy recovery

Implementation of technologies for reduction of CO2, NOx, SOx emissions.


  • We develop theoretical and technical knowledge of our employees, organize specialized courses and training
  • We provide targeted training according to interest of customers
  • We cooperate with universities and academic institutes


We examine and analyze chemical, physical and mechanical, structural, petrographic, and electromagnetic properties
of materials and our products using the most modern methods, procedures, and equipment


  • Testing of strategic raw materials in order to optimize charge costs, quality of finished products and environmental impact

  • Testing of ceramic and refractory materials
  • Measuring thickness profiles of sheets
  • Corrosion tests of manufactured products in various environments
  • Compressibility test of materials
  • Measuring of surface tension
  • Measuring of heating capacity of radiators
  • Metallographic and petrography analyses of materials
  • X-Ray analyses of material texture, phase and stress
  • Analyses of organic and inorganic materials using infrared spectroscopy
  • Accredited analyses


  • We design modern sophisticated technical solutions for enhancing reliability of production equipment,
  • We carry out the monitoring of production processes,
  • We control and improve production processes and so contribute to product quality improvement.


  • Development and structural improvements of machinery and equipment
  • Development of production process key parameters measuring systems
  • Development of application software for production process control models
  • Equipment failure analyses
  • Technical assistance and consultancy services in the areas of materials, mechanical engineering, measurement technology,
    and software

The event will take place on 8 – 9 October 2018 at U. S. Steel Košice in the Slovak Republic. Recent achievements in research of steels and steel products will be presented by current and former researchers and specialists from Research & Development USSE to exchange their knowledge and experience gained over the years. This conference is not a public event, and participation is possible by invitation only.


R E S E A R CH   A N D   D E V E L O P M E N T



Viera Kohúteková

General Manager Research & Development

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