he aim of the cooperation is to give a chance to unemployed Roma who expressed interest in working



A chance to work and be educated

The social enterprise was founded by the municipality of Velka Ida in 2021 and is the follow-up of our project Equality of opportunities in the field of employment of Roma living in the village of Velka Ida.

The aim of the cooperation is to give a chance to unemployed Roma who expressed interest in working and learning in the newly established social enterprise GOMBIDA.

At the very beginning, in 2002, U.S. Steel Kosice offered the Mayor of Velka Ida, who requested financial support to alleviate the problems in the Roma settlement, a job for its residents, among whom there was 100% unemployment.

Currently, despite the fact, that the company has significantly reduced the purchase of services from external suppliers due to the energy crisis and cost savings, this project, given its social importance, has been preserved in the form of successful cooperation with the social enterprise GOMBIDA.

The selection process

The selection of employees of the social enterprise GOMBIDA for the joint project is based on personal knowledge of the applicants by the mayor, community and social workers. The employees of the social enterprise perform work appropriate to the level of their education, it is primarily auxiliary and cleaning work.

The project solves a real local problem. It not only helps to solve specific problems in the region with high unemployment - it improves the economic situation and the living standard of people dealing with the generational poverty, but also enables the integration of Roma into society.

  • Long-term unemployed people have received a regular income, they can ensure better housing and living conditions for their families.
  • The education of employees is supported by several activities of the social enterprise.
  • Encouraging and motivating them to obtain education and qualifications will bring them higher chances of employment on the labor market.


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