Cardinal Rules

Due to the negative trend of contractor safety, the management of U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o. decided that all contractor employees performing work at the Operations and/or Maintenance for U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o. or its subsidiaries, are obliged to pass the Cardinal Rules – Life Threatening Programs training and testing.

Aim of this training is to obtain basic knowledge related to Cardinal rules and other Life Threatening Programs.

Contractor trainings

The Cardinal Rules – Life Threatening Programs training for new employees of the supply companies without IDK/IDKN are provided only by supply company using training material video available on this page. The Supplier shall at the Pass Control submit the confirmation e-mail about successful completion of the on-line test of relevant employee (on-line test is available at the link stated below on this page)

The fire protection training for new employees of the supply companies takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11am in the training room next to the premises of Pass Control.

Content of Cardinal Rules training

  1. Energy control Program

  2. Elevated Work and Fall Prevention Program

  3. Mobile Equipment Program

  4. Confined Space Program

  5. Gas Hazard Management Program

  6. Molten metal Employee Exposure Program

  7. Crane Operation and Load Handling Program.

Training is completed after passing the test as a condition for performing contractors work for U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.

Contractor testing Rules

On-line Test consists of 21 questions.

It is necessary to obtain 17 and more correct answers to pass the test. In case of obtaining less than 17 correct answers, test is considered as FAILED. Employer of supplier’s employee is responsible for the fact that the employee for whom entry to the USSK is required will prepare the test individually and without the help of another person.

Passing the training does not in any way alter or substitute the employers’ obligation to provide information to their employees in accordance with section 7 of the Act No. 124/2006 Coll. – Occupational Safety and Health Act, or the verification of knowledge of the Customer’s internal safety practices in accordance with SSP/VBP/GMBH/35 Contractor Safety.


New contractors
(new entries without IDK), and/or contractors with blocked IDK (change)

Starting July 15, 2020 d 15.7 2020 there is a change regarding the rules for the U.S. Steel Košice, s.r.o Entry Permits for supplier’s employees.

  1. The supply company shall submit an Application for U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o. Entry Permit – PERSONS (hereinafter referred to as the "Application") only via application PARS (Plant Access Request System) available for registered supply companies on Internet page USSK, section WORK WITH US/SUPPLIERS/WEB application entry permits PARS. If you have any problems with logging to the application PARS, please contact USSK Helpdesk on 055/673 44 00
  2. The application should be submitted only by the direct supplier to USSK/USSK subsidiaries for his suppliers/sub-suppliers as well.
  3. Applications to block/unblock IDK of concerned persons (e.g. Disuse) are still submitted to e-mail address
  4. The Application for U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o. Entry Permit – CARS, with the effect from Dec 3, 2018 is submitted only via application PARS.
  5. The access for concerned persons listed in the Application can be denied if there are any reasons for it.
  6. The supply company shall provide:

    - training and on-line testing of new supplier employees applying for Entry Permit to USSK that are obliged to complete The Cardinal Rules – Life Threatening Programs training using the video training material and link to online testing available on the USSK website: At the Pass Control they submit the confirmation email about successful completion of the on-line test of relevant employee.
    - attendance of its employees on the fire protection training on the day of processing Entry Permit.
    - acquaintance of concerned persons with the wording of Privacy notice based on article 13 and 14 GDPR related to personal data processing of data subjects.
    - presence of new employees in the premises of Pass Control ( PVV) in time from 8:00 AM to 09:30 AM on date of start. The Supplier´s employees shall register personally with employees of PVV.
    - provable familiarization of all its employees with documentation, binding for suppliers and published on the websites of SteelTrack for Suppliers before assignment for work.

  7. The employees of supply company shall produce their identity card listed in the Application to the PVV in order to verify a correctness of personal data.
    The Supplier´s employee shall confirm receipt of IDK/IDKN by their signatures and IDK/IDKN shall be issued to such employees at 10:00 AM. After issue of IDK/IDKN, the Supplier´s employees shall move to training room to attend the fire protection training. Before training, Supplier´s employees shall use their IDK/IDKN in the PS Frontier reader in training room. In this way, a fire protection training attendance is registered electronically. A training attendance certificate shall be issued to the Supplier´s employees. The Supplier´s employee shall carry such certificate when present in the USSK area and premises.

  8. Completed trainings are registered in PS Frontier for IDK holder - physical person - not for supply company/ IDK Applicant. In case of change of employer in respect to the Supplier´s employee, the trainings shall apply for new employer till expiration.

The additional responsibilities of supply company/ ID card holders are explained in detail in the Standard NOR/0011 (e.g. what to do in case of IDK loss, theft, non-use, etc.).
For additional information see documentation on the PARS sites for suppliers. 

Trainings for contractors
(with IDK USSK)


Starting July 15, 2020, the supplier is obliged to provide training and on-line testing of his employees whose validity of the Cardinal Rules – Life Threatening Programs training will soon expire. He will provide training using training material video and link to on-line testing which is available on USSK internet website. After testing, the employee will obtain confirmation email with test result that he shall keep for the purpose of verification. Test results will be recorded into PS Frontier by propriate USSK employee.







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