Environmental Management System



one of the fundamental strategic goals

The issue of environmental protection is one of the fundamental strategic goals of U. S. Steel Košice (USSK). A significant role in this respect is played by the environmental management system (EMS) in line with the standard STN EN ISO 14001, which coordinates all activities and requirements involved in achieving the established goals. Fulfilment of international standards, as confirmed by USSK's EMS certificate, gives the Company a good reputation among customers and the general public, and contributes considerably to the satisfaaction of its own employees. 

Concurrently with the adoption of the ISO 14000 norms within the standard-setting system of the Slovak Republic, in 1996 activities were initiated for the application of an EMS model in line with ISO 14001, aiming towards its progressive international certification. Implementation of the EMS began with pilot projects in two division plants of the steelworks - the Cold Rolling Mill and the Metallurgical Secondary Production division plants. This phase culminated in successful international certification in line with STN EN ISO 14001 at the Cold Rolling Mill in July 1997 (as the

third organization within the Slovak Republic) and at the Metallurgical Secondary Production division plant in April 1998. Through successful inspection and renewal audits these division plants maintained their certification until 2003. 

In October 2003 the international certificate was extended to include the Shipment, Hot Rolling Mill and Coated Products division plants. Currently four division plants are internationally
certified by TÜV SÜD Slovakia s.r.o.

and other division plants have implemented an environmental management system, which is internally audited.

An important role is played in the building, development and certification of the EMS by the QMS department and the unit of General Manager Environment, who carry out training, consultancy and auditing activities in the fields of QMS and EMS.

Status of EMS certification

Company Certificate Certification organization Original certification of DP Certification date Valid till
U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.


TÜV SÜD Slovakia

SVa  07/1997 10/2022 10/2024
RaR  04/1998
TVa  06/1999
ZUaOV  12/2002
Exp  10/2003

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